How often does access equipment have to be serviced?

All access equipment needs to be serviced every 3 months. This includes all types of boom lifts, scissor lifts and vertical lifts


What are some signs that access equipment needs to be serviced?

The machine starts running rough, has trouble starting, brakes grabbing or failing and if it has done more than 250 hours since the last time it was serviced it is highly recommended that it is serviced.

Do equipment mechanics have to be registered?

There is not a register the mechanics have to be registered to, however we are a registered business with fully qualified mechanics and are fully insured.

What happens if my machine requires major repairs?

National Forklifts has a Forklift and Scissor lift available for replacement should your machine require major repairs. We can also conduct most servicing and repairs on site.

Do you parts come with warranties?

Most parts provided by National Forklifts come with a warranty.

Can you service Hydraulics?

Yes, we can drain hydraulic fluid, replace filters and inspect hoses and pumps.